Dimensional Print Enhancements

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Some think of print enhancements and dimensional printing as icing on the cake, but we bake these extras into everything we do.

Sugar Print was started with the belief that high-quality embellishments shouldn’t be an expensive afterthought. Our team of experts engineer and monitor each unique project from start to (fabulous) finish to capture every nuance and ensure accuracy. This meticulous care brings our clients' vision to life.

We bring affordable pop and pizzazz to every project.

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Vivid UV

Vivid UV (Scodix) brings an amazing 3D effect and tactile experience to the surface of any printed piece. It literally makes your product stand out. Vivid UV digital enhancement printing allows ordinary products and applications to become extraordinary creations while saving on costs. Need personalization? No problem, Vivid UV can be applied to variable print too.

Our Vivid UV capabilities are extraordinary, but you must see to believe. Watch this short video on all the magic Scodix sense brings!

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Foil is a classic print solution that brings a bright metallic flair to any project or package. Inexpensive and versatile, foil can be used to differentiate products within a line, or to combine with other embellishments for an exciting layered effect. Typically used on luxury items and packaging, foil stamping is great for bringing warmth and cheer to holiday cards, a bright pop to party invitations, and shine to your logo or brand identity.



Another classic print embellishment brings a hands-on experience to boxes, folders, business cards—anything calling for elegance that reaches out to be touched. Food and beverage packaging, gift boxes, and invitations all benefit from embossing and debossing. This enhancement can easily be combined with other embellishments for a lasting impression.

Our partner company St. Cloud Engraving specializes in foil stamping, embossing and debossing.

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Let's make something extraordinary together!

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