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Die Cuts and Folds

Die Cuts and folds organize and elevate information


Die Cuts


Die Cuts are a quick and sophisticated way to take print materials from flat to fancy. A die is a sharp blade formed into almost any shape or collection of shapes you can think of. Die Cuts are an automated process used to cut uniform shapes out of paper products.


Die Cuts are often utilitarian—cutting windows out of envelopes or perforations around coupons and response forms. It’s a standard part of many print products.


But decorative die cuts make a splash like no other enhancement. You can take an invitation from square to circular with a simple die cut. You can create windows, flaps, and layers in multi-page products for an ultra-dynamic and dimensional experience. You can use die cuts to create a 3D version of your logo with cut-outs rather than color. 


Folders, sales materials, and packaging are often beautifully die cut to create a unique journey for prospects.

Die Cuts

Take your slice out of the middle! Ask us how to get started with die cuts.

Standard and Custom Folds

Folds are another way to make a strong impression in print.


There are more than a dozen standard folds for brochures, reports, mailers and more. Standard folds (think 6-panel brochure) offer a simple way to organize and prioritize information for your reader. You decide what’s critical for your reader to know, and break it up over the six panels in order of importance.

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Custom folds are where the fun begins! Custom folds are used to create stunning promotional mailers and marketing materials. On carefully curated stock, combined with die cuts and other enhancements, fancy folds can give your materials a luxurious and welcoming vibe you won’t get any other way. 


We can work with your concept to design a fold format that jumps your message off the page.

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Step up your
marketing materials!

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