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Interactive Print

Print-integrated augmented reality helps customers ‘see’ your product more clearly


You’ve probably heard of augmented reality. It’s when you go to the arcade and put on huge goggles to make your favorite video game wayyyy cooler. 


But wait, there’s more!

Augmented reality or AR, uses smart devices to allow digital interaction with a real-world image, object, or place. Augmented reality incorporated with print is referred to as Interactive Print.


And it’s one of Sugar Print’s specialties.

AR raises engagement on your products and services


When you target your tech-savvy audience with AR, you give them a deeper experience with your company, brand, and products. Creating an engaging call-to-action that includes customer incentives will increase your campaign's success.


Interactive print creates a personalized, one-to-one marketing opportunity, and when you engage on a personal level customer response improves, brand positioning strengthens, and sales increase.


AR is a dynamic addition to packaging and print materials because you control the experience. While the trigger image remains the same, you can change the user experience at any time.

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Bring your marketing dreams to (augmented) reality

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