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Company History

Our expert marketing, print, and web teams provide our clients with creative ideas and worry-free solutions. We work with you to handle each job from start to finish for a smooth and seamless process. We have control over deadlines, supplies, and the excellent work we do together.


Sugar Print is here to create visually striking printed materials integrated with powerful technology that bring results for our customers. 


The Kenning family has been in print for over 70 years. Sugar Print owner Darren Kenning worked in his dad’s printing company through high school and college. He graduated as a software engineer and worked for one of the largest law book publishers in the U.S. before opening his own business as a Trade Finisher/Printer. 


As the industry changed and new digital technology evolved, Darren could see there was a missing piece—local printers were not offering their customers the latest technology and embellishments. Sugar Print was born to fill this niche in the marketplace, and we’ve come to specialize in technology-driven specialty print products that are accessible and affordable to all.

Sugar Print is here to sweeten the printing process. We are more than just another on demand shop - we’re a print enhancement company creating quality paper products with a wow factor. From decades of working in print, we know that it’s the high-quality extras that make all the difference. That’s why we decided to make them accessible and affordable for all.

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